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Keep Calm & Get Your Taxes On

There’s a lot of general tax information available on the internet, but the tax question research I attempted to do for a few photographers earlier this year was both overwhelming and time-consuming. No one has time to sift through 6.4 million Google results for the answer to a simple tax question!

Unfortunately, the default response to dealing with taxes is a complete denial that they are necessary. We avoid taxes with the sincere hope that we’ll be saved by the tax fairy godmother come April 2013.

Eager to help, I picked my personal accountant‘s brain on pretty much everything I wanted to know about taxes when I was first starting out in the world of photography. I thought of all the questions I was afraid to ask, and lots of the questions I felt dumb for not knowing the answers to. I asked Served Up Fresh fans for their questions, too, then got Hollie on the phone and got some serious answers. Together, we cooked up Keep Calm & Get Your Taxes On.

Keep Calm & Get Your Taxes On will leave you feeling far more educated and confident about taxes and bookkeeping.

This guide is best suited to those who have been in business for 24 months or less, as it covers all the basics of founding a business entity, hiring a tax professional, filing taxes, and starting to hire independent contractors.

All the material is presented in a way that isn’t scary, so you won’t be tempted to go and wander in Denial Land for another tax season. You’ll also meet a friend, Tax Rabbit, who helps you do all the legwork necessary by providing worksheets, links, apps, and to-do’s when you need them. He’ll keep you on task and won’t waste a nanosecond of your time.

In Keep Calm & Get Your Taxes On, you’ll learn:

– The number #1 thing to look for when hiring a tax professional
– The biggest mistake photographers make when it comes to taxes
– When you’re considered a “business” versus a “hobby” according to the IRS
– The limits of your “hobby” income and how it affects your personal taxes
– Exactly what to ask your tax professional to keep from feeling like an idiot
– The main differences between business statuses: Sole Proprietor, LLC, S-Corp
– When you’ll have to pay self-employment taxes — and when you won’t
– Alicia’s secret for having enough money to pay your taxes, no strategy needed!
– Whether you should start paying quarterly taxes (or not)
– The surprising connection between taxes and burnout
– How and when to pay yourself! (Yah, baby!)
– Exactly how much money to keep in your business bank account at all times

Your $29 purchase includes the 30-page Keep Calm & Get Your Taxes On guide, which includes all of the information listed above, plus Alicia and Holli’s 60-minute recording full of answers to your burning tax-related questions.

Keep Calm & Get Your Taxes On is the cure for your tax terror.

Without being judgmental or condescending, this program will answer all those questions you are afraid to ask, or don’t have time to ask, and then get you on the road to finding your tax professional.

You can buy the guide right here for $29.

It is only for sale through October 24th — so make sure you grab it quickly if you know you need to tackle taxes!