common sense business tools for portrait photographers

Easy as Pie

…is common sense photography pricing know-how that will keep you from ever working for peanuts again.

The retirement sale is now over and the products are no longer available for purchasing. Please keep an eye out for when new products will be coming out soon!

Do you ever feel so flustered trying to make profitable pricing magic happen you sometimes consider the Q word: QUITTING?

You’re not alone. Even the most passionate of photographers has learned the hard way that pro bono sittings, freebie add-ons and gimmicky specials do not translate into an overflowing bank account… no matter how hard you pray.

Does that mean your photography business is destined to flounder forever with seat of your pants pricing and a barren bank account?

Not while I’ve got your back…

If you’re tired of crying yourself to sleep wondering how you’ll ever make the money you really want from photography — then rest easy my weary photographer friend, pricing your awesomeness is about to become Easy As Pie.

Easy As Pie makes pricing your awesomeness perfectly simple

It shows you the radically simple way to price for profit first, instead of blindly discounting yourself into the poor house. Then it turns the spotlight on your goals, helping you create realistic numbers you can take straight to the bank. (Gross sales goal, average sale goal, minimum order goal, and more are covered.)

Once we get you laser focused on your heart’s desires and target profit numbers, we’ll prune, trim and sculpt your pricing menu to bonsai tree perfection: Pricing your small prints, wall prints, albums, digital files, miscellaneous portrait products, and projects requiring design time.

Worksheets and 3rd grade math are built right into Easy as Pie. Even if you need a calculator — your new pricing menus will be ready by book’s end!

While our famous worksheets make pricing your awesomeness 37.48% less terrifying and 62.52% easier, there’s oodles more we’ll cover.

Much more…

Like how to build collections people are eager to buy.

Yes, you’ve had other people tell you what their collections include…but WHY are they that way? WHY is an effective collection different from one that never sells? HOW do you price the collections to make them enticing to your type of clients?

That’s all covered in the Basic Collections section.

If you’re interested in creating out-of-the-box or extremely flexible collections, you’ll need to pay special attention to the Advanced Collections portion of Easy as Pie. Advanced Collection building allows clients flexibility, without you leaving cash on the table.

Bottom line? Clients will sing your praises and your days of tweaking collections while working for peanuts will be over forever.

You can even see the first chapter right here for free.

Not sure if Easy As Pie is right for you?

Click on the photography pricing concern(s) you’re most wrestling with below to see if you and Easy As Pie could be BFFs

Number crunching stresses me out- I’d rather be told what to do
I don’t want a pricelist like everyone else
I am way too much of a creative thinker to even want to talk about pricing. I just want to do my art.
I have the worst clients ever -- everyone tells me I’m too expensive
I don’t want to kill myself working for terrible pay
How can I compete with all those cheapie photographers out there that are on every corner