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Business 101 e-course

If you feel lost or overwhelmed when trying to get everything together for your business, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll hold your hand through the five most important (and slightly scary) things that you MUST have done before you get started accepting money for the work you do. You’ll find that these basic business tasks are only scary because you feel alone and helpless when faced with ’em.

I know you are rip-roaring-ready to go and get your pricing together – but let’s not put the cart before the horse. The horse is first not only because having the cart lead the way is ridiculous-looking.  It’s also because rocking out cart-first is also very dangerous.

Business Basics 101 is the free way for me to help you start your business safely. (Where safety is free of audits, IRS thug visits, and cement shoes.)

With me by your side, we’ll cover the basics in no time! The Business Basics course starts when you sign up for it, and will be delivered to your inbox a few times a week. It’s paced so you only have to complete one simple task at a time. When we string all those baby steps together, we’ll have made it into the land of the Legit And Official Business! Yay!

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