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Hi, I’m Alicia.

It was September 2007. I was laying in bed, barely able to move and sick with mono. I had emails to answer, free sessions to edit, and breakfast to make. I had just lost a baby, a surprise pregnancy.

My husband was four weeks into his first semester of college, taking 19 credits worth of classes after ten years of military service. I was four months into being the full-time breadwinner with my new photography business and felt like an utter failure.

I had three children under the age of 5, so I was both full-time mommy and full-time business owner. Things were bleak, and I wanted to give up with every fiber of my being.

Little did I know, I was a few meltdowns away from taking the first steps to accomplishing the impossible and achieving some outcomes that still blow my mind.

A 6-figure photography business in the first year of business without a photography workshop, business class, or college degree. A few years later, a consulting business which has helped me find more meaning and purpose for my life. (There’s nothing like rock bottom to help you show other people what’s possible!)

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

I love getting to share in the dreams of people like you who want to go on epic adventures….and that is why I love being a business consultant.

Served Up Fresh isn’t just about making money and being good at it. It’s about being a part of someone else attempting the impossible, encouraging the pursuit of dreams, creating more happiness in the world and finding contentment in creating a personal definition of success that has nothing to do with what anyone else thinks.

I believe that everyone has the ability to do ridiculously amazing things.
I believe that success is measured by what still geeks you out even after the newness of your accomplishment has worn off.
I believe that you are more of a genius that you allow yourself to be.
I believe that fear is the worst motivator to make sure you are always safe and secure.
And I believe that there are grand adventures for us to have together.

I recommend you start by exploring the freebies ’round these parts: the Business 101 e-course, Beginner Bliss workshop, or chapters of any of my books. I recommend the first chapter of Easy as Pie if you’re having pricing trouble, Happy Place if your business needs and plan (and fast!), and Piece of Cake if the word “marketing” is akin to a curse word in your presence.

As for my own grand adventures? My bucket list includes living on a farm in Hawaii, publishing a book about childbirth and pregnancy, and running a full marathon.

I aspire to be in a constant state of living in the present without sacrificing hope for the future.